Sunday, May 02, 2010

Two things...

Just a quick update with a couple of little things I forgot to mention yesterday - firstly, over the past month or so, Charlie's blog has had around 8,000 hits! That's quite something, bearing in mind a busy blog month pre-Fontan was about 700 hits!
So since I put the visitor counter on, Charlie's blog has had more than 20,000 visits! Like I said before, I know that's like a day's clicks on some of the 'big' blogs around - but we think it's pretty amazing that so many people have visited Charlie's News.
It's also a good feeling to know that so many people have been checking in specifically to see how Chas was doing when we were in hospital - it really helped to know so many people were thinking of us.
And the other thing... when we were in hospital, Charlie was talking to the pacemaker ladies, and expressed his disappointment that he's not allowed to go on dodgem cars any more because of the big magnets used to power them.
Well... a couple of days ago, the phone rang and it was our favourite pacemaker lady from Birmingham - she had contacted the manufacturer on Charlie's behalf and found out that he IS allowed to go on bumper cars after all! (With the proviso that he doesn't climb up the pole on the back of the car, and wears an extra jumper for padding if the seat belt sits over his pacemaker!)
Needless to say Charlie was very happy about this - and we're on a mission to spot a funfair now, so he can have a go on the dodgems!
That's all for now, folks!

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