Tuesday, May 04, 2010

So brave!

Today was INR testing day - just had to share with you how brave my
Charlie is.
I'd reminded him yesterday that he needed testing today, so when he
heard me setting up the test stuff in the kitchen, he came wandering
in, proffering his chosen finger, with a smile on his face.
He washed his hands, we did the test, and he went back to building his
Not a single tear, not a wail, not a cry -nothing.
I couldn't be prouder of him. I was dreading the INR testing almost as
much as the surgery (and yes, I know that sounds a bit stupid) but he
has made it so easy. Go Charlie!
His INR has dropped a bit today, down to 2.1. This is still just about
within acceptable limits, but we were warned that it might drop about
six weeks post-op. Apparently, being on bypass, then poorly on ICU and
pumped full of drugs is very hard on your liver - which is where
warfarin is processed. Six weeks down the line, the liver function
gets back to normal, and it starts processing the warfarin more
effectively, so Charlie will need more warfarin to keep his INR where
we want it.
I'll be speaking to his school later, to arrange to pop up for a quick
chat with his teacher, to let her know how he's getting on, and what
she needs to watch out for now he's on warfarin and has his pacemaker.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

What a big boy! The bravery these children have is such an inspiration.. Glad everything is going well for you all!