Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

What a lovely weekend! We're just on our way back from Drayton Manor - a big theme park in the Midlands.
We met our friends Rick and Tracy, and their little boy, Harry, there and we all had a fabulous time!
Because Charlie has a blue badge, we were given special passes so we could bypass the queues - I did feel slightly guilty strolling past the long lines... but not guilty enough to want to join the queues!
It was a lovely sunny day and we had such a brilliant time.
You can't beat a day of fun in the sun with good friends.
Charlie thoroughly enjoyed staying in the hotel - especially going backwards and forwards to the juice machine at breakfast. He's very well hydrated now, because he liked pushing the buttons to get a drink out!
We may stop off on the way home if we pass anywhere interesting... but we have to be home by 3pm because Pete wants to watch the England match!
Off to trauma clinic tomorrow to get Charlie's proper cast. Watch this space!

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