Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

Hi folks.
I'm pleased to report that Charlie seems to be managing well with the cast on his arm - he has been fine at school, although he and his teacher got in a bit of a tangle today trying to re-tie his sling! (I have to confess, I ended up finding an online video tutorial to tell me how to put it back on him yesterday... it looked so simple in the hospital, but if you get the long edge of the triangle in the wrong place, you're scuppered!)
He came out of class today with the lines he needs to learn for the end-of-term presentation. (No requests for fancy costumes yet though, so I'm living in hope that maybe they'll just wear their uniforms this time round!) He has three little pieces to learn - two of which are in Welsh - so I had to ring my (Welsh-speaking) brother to find out how he's supposed to be pronouncing them, as I haven't got a clue. Apparently he's talking about his favourite foods - but for all I know, he could be saying something really rude!
That's about it really - Pete's in Birmingham again today. It was a last-minute thing so he didn't stay overnight there yesterday - he came back late last night and left again early this morning. He's so busy - I don't know how he does it really. I've been so frazzled and worried this past few weeks that I've barely been able to concentrate on the washing and housework - it's beyond me how Pete's been able to keep up with his work and all the travelling as well as cope with all the concerns over Charlie's heart.
Anyway, it's been really hot here today, and I've got a banging headache, so I think I'll go and snuggle with Charlie on the sofa for a bit before it's time for him to go to bed.

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