Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010

Well, Charlie went back to school this morning, and I think he
secretly enjoyed all the attention as he made his way across the
playground. All the kids were admiring his cast and asking what he had
done to his arm.
I'm hoping he'll manage ok today and that his arm won't be too sore. I
spoke to his teacher this morning and they are happy for him to go
outside at playtimes, so long as someone keeps an eye on him to make
sure he is sitting down and not running around.
I spoke to EuroDisney last night and apparently an 'orthopaedic
device' means things like artificial limbs or external metal fixators,
so Chas will be fine to go on the rides with his cast!
I've got loads of things to do today - the house is a mess and I have
washing and ironing to do, but after the last few days, I just feel
like collapsing on the sofa with a coffee and a good book!

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Jenny Lincoln said...

Poor Charlie! Just as he is getting back to "normal" life he breaks his arm. :( Great news about Disney! I hope you have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see pictures! :)