Monday, June 07, 2010

May 7, 2010

Well, Charlie's at school and we need to pick him up at 10.30 to go to
the hospital.
It's strange, really.
I always thought that once he'd had his Fontan, I wouldn't be worried
about appointments any more.
After all, until now, my main fear was that we'd arrive for our
appointment, the doctor would look at him and say 'There's a problem -
he needs his Fontan straight away.'
So now the Fontan is done, you'd think I'd be skipping into
appointments, looking forward to seeing how good Charlie's sats are...
Not so.
Now I'm worrying that we'll go in, the doctor will look at him and say
'Hmmm. There's a huge problem - but he's had his Fontan... so there's
nothing left for us to do but a transplant...'
I know it's stupid. Charlie is looking and feeling better than he's
ever done.
But I guess the habit of worrying about hospital appointments is a
hard one to break. And knowing me, if I did manage to stop stressing
about Charlie's checkups, I'd only find something else to worry about.
Let's just hope all goes according to plan today and we get a good few
worry-free months before the next appointment!

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