Monday, June 28, 2010

What a day...

Five and a half hours.
That's how long Charlie and I were sitting in various waiting rooms at
the hospital, until he was finally called in to have his plaster
It was a bit of a slog - they were very short-staffed and lots of
people in the waiting room were getting pretty fed up, but Charlie was
good as gold.
Yet again, my iPhone was worth its weight in gold, as he entertained
himself for hours, watching films, playing games and listening to
Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter!
We managed to sneak out to grab some lunch - I'd taken a few snacks
for Charlie, but really hadn't expected to be there quite so long.
The bad news is that we have to go back and do it all again when the
plaster needs removing. The good news is that it will be coming off in
three weeks - before we go to EuroDisney, so that's one less thing to
worry about!
As you can see from the picture, Charlie chose a red cast, and he's
very pleased with it. It's much lighter than the other one, and, as he
told me before: 'It matches my Spiderman T-shirt perfectly!'


The Simmons Family said...

LOVE the cast!! Way to pick em'! I wish I could sign it!

Jenny Lincoln said...

Oh my gosh!! 5 hours!! That is crazy!! What good news that the cast will be gone by the time Disney comes around. :)

The Cryer Family said...

That actually does look pretty cool! Glad you arre all bearing up OK! Can sympathise about waiting round in hospitals for once - was doing the same this weekend!
Helen x