Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 1, 2010

Another month come and gone - this year is flying by extraordinarily
quickly, but it's funny - nowadays it doesn't bother me.
Before Charlie's Fontan, every month that passed by left me with a
nagging, slightly sick feeling that the days, hours and minutes were
ticking away until we'd have to hand him over for surgery.
But now, every month that passes by just leaves us looking forward to
the next, watching Charlie grow and thrive.
He's on top form - he's used to his cast now, and it's so much easier
now he doesn't have to wear his sling.
He's really glad it's July because we're off to EuroDisney this month
AND because they're releasing the first wave of the new Dr Who figures!
We're off to his end-of-term school presentation on July 7, and he's
practising his lines and songs at every opportunity. (From what I
gather, among other things they're performing a version of 'Ice Ice
Baby'! Should be interesting!)
And I know you're all waiting to hear about his costume...
Well, in his almost two years at school, I've so far had to concoct a
shepherd's outfit, a clown costume, and an African costume (not to
mention other random fancy dress outfits for various special days) -
and those of you who read regularly will know that, with the exception
of Charlie's birthday cake, I do NOT do crafty or creative.
So I don't have to tell you how delighted I was when Charlie came out
of school today and told me that he needs to wear... shorts, t-shirt,
baseball cap and sunglasses! What a result!
It's still very hot here, after a couple if weeks of brilliant
weather, but it started raining an hour ago, so the horrible mugginess
has gone. Hopefully the rain will freshen everything up and then the
sun will come out again, as I really don't want a repeat of last
year's holiday experience - beautiful sun until the day we left
home... and then nothing but freezing rain until the day we came back!
I need to phone a gas engineer tomorrow - our heating won't turn off
unless we shut down the whole system - so we either have no hot water
or swelter in a house like an oven. I suppose the one consolation is
that he probably won't be too busy at the moment because nobody else
is using their heating!
I'm seriously coveting the new iPhone -I am the queen of gadgets! If I
can find a shop that has any in stock, I'm going to be VERY tempted! I
love my old iPhone - it's never out of my sight - but I'd love one
with a half-decent camera. Pete's quite keen on the idea too, because
I think he'd rather like to inherit my old one, having realised that,
although his Blackberry is fantastic for work, it's no fun!

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