Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The gas man came this morning to service our boiler and to fix a minor
fault with our water cylinder.
Unfortunately, one of the pipes in the airing cupboard was corroded,
and as he tried to turn it, it snapped.
This sent the entire contents of the water tanks in the loft and
airing cupboard down through our kitchen ceiling.
Not what we needed.
Anyway, the gas company are here tomorrow and Friday, fixing the gas
fire and fitting an entirely new central heating system.
I suppose it's good that it will all be done in time for winter, but
it's a bit of a blow having to fork out thirty times more money than
we were banking on.
Such is life. It's annoying, and we'd have preferred to keep the money
in the bank, but compared with everything else that's been going on in
the past year, a broken heating system isn't that big a deal.
I wasn't here when the cylinder broke, so Pete did a great job of
catching the flood in buckets and mopping up the lake with towels.
Unfortunately this meant that there was a huge pile of wet towels to
deal with when I got in, and even more unfortunately, Pete had wrapped
all my soggy but beautiful white towels up in a couple of rather
vibrant beach towels.
Suffice to say, my pristine white towels are white no longer.
Tie-dye towels, anyone?

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