Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great news!

Just a really quick post because it's late, it's been a busy weekend
and I'm tired!
Charlie had a wonderful time with his Aunty Ruth - lots of fun was had
by all, and she and I were up nattering and putting the world to
rights until some ungodly hour in the morning!
The gas fitters installed the new heating system on Friday/Saturday
and we now have a posh new boiler AND hot water! What luxury!
All being well, another engineer will be fixing the fire tomorrow,
then we'll be sorted if there's a cold winter ahead!
We're off to hospital tomorrow morning to get Charlie's cast removed -
he's very excited to see the back of it... I just hope we're not
facing another five hour stint in Trauma Clinic!
And as for the great news I mentioned in the title - we've been
soaking the scab on Charlie's drain site, in the hope that we could
get it off the stitch, making it easier for the nurses to get the
stitch out tomorrow. As I was soaking the scab tonight, it finally
came off... bringing the stitch with it!! Charlie is seriously
relieved that he won't have to have it taken out at the hospital, and
the scar beneath is well healed and dry.
Big sighs of relief all round!
I'll let you know how we get on at clinic tomorrow!

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