Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hi folks - I'm pleased to report that Charlie had his cast removed
this morning with no problems.
Even better was that we were at the hospital for less than two hours -
something of an improvement on the 5.5 hours we spent there last time!
The doctor was very happy with how well the arm has healed, which is
great news.
Charlie's arm isn't stiff at all and he's using it freely already.
It is extremely grubby though, so I can't wait to give him a good
scrub in the bath tonight. He's looking forward to a very deep bubble
bath because he no longer has to worry about his cast or the stitch
under his arm!
The gas man should be here shortly to (hopefully) mend the gas fire,
and I think Pete's finishing work any time now so we can start getting
into the holiday spirit!
I'd better go and get the washing done!

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Jenny Lincoln said...

That's great! NOW you can get back to life as normal, right? Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures to show us when you get back. :)