Saturday, July 03, 2010

July 3, 2010

A nice, lazy day today - we didn't do much other than have a wander
around the village fête. Charlie had a great time - especially being
able to sit in the fire engine which had come for the afternoon.
We're off to see Shrek at the cinema tomorrow - Charlie fancies the
full-on IMAX 3D experience, so we're bracing for a couple of hours
looking very silly, wearing uncomfortable, headache-inducing glasses!
He is doing fantastically well - it's the first time he's ever had tan
lines on his legs because he's been in his shorts so much!
I feel so happy at the moment - it's such a lovely, free feeling to
have the Fontan behind us.
All the photos I took in hospital are still on my phone, and I keep
scrolling through them, as well as reading all my blog entries. It's
surreal to remember being in hospital and to read the story from
before we went in to after we came home. I'm so glad I have this blog
- the memories fade so quickly, so it's amazing to read what I wrote,
remember how I felt, and compare it to how things are now. I just
wish I'd discovered blogging before Charlie was born. I have a diary
that I wrote throughout my pregnancy, but you can't beat blogging!
Charlie's hair really needs cutting - I was hoping to leave it until
after his plaster came off in case bits of hair got inside the cast
and made him itchy, but I haven't cut it since just after he came out
of hospital, so his fringe is hanging in his eyes again. I think I'll
have to concoct a plaster cover, like we do when Charlie has a bath,
from a carrier bag and copious amounts of duct tape!
Anyway, it's late so I'm off to bed. Hope you all have a fantabulous

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