Monday, July 05, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hi folks, not much news really - we had a nice quiet weekend. We saw
Shrek yesterday, which was good fun, although someone really needs to
invent more face-friendly 3D glasses.
Charlie's so excited about his class presentation on Wednesday - he's
been practising his lines and singing the songs non-stop. (In fact, he
seems to know everyone else's lines as well!)
He asked me this morning how long it is until his birthday, and we
realised it's four months today. It's quite scary to think he'll be
seven soon.
He was trying to work out how long four months is, so I told him that
at the end of this month, it will be four months since he had his
His response was 'Wow, that four months has gone so quickly,' and
after a pause, 'But at the same time, it feels like my operation was a
hundred years ago!'
His scars are starting to fade nicely - I'll have to get a picture so
you can see how neat they are now. He's not bothered by his scars at
all, which is good - he's actually pretty proud of them.
I've attached a pic of Charlie in the back garden the other day
(please don't look at the state of our lawn!) munching a burger from
our barbecue. He eats so much better now than he ever did before. He's
still quite picky, and tends to like the component parts of meals to
be separate - he'd rather eat the burger, then the bread and then the
cheese, rather than all together as a cheeseburger, but his appetite
is SO much better - it pleases me no end to hear him saying he is
hungry, and to watch him wolfing his meals!

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Jo said...

My oh my. I can't believe it has been four months already. Or that Charlie will be seven this year. Time really flies. xx