Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

Hi folks. Pete's been in London again today, so Charlie and I have had
a nice leisurely day at home.
We went out this morning - see the pictures below - and Charlie had so
much fun picking and eating the blackberries straight from the
hedgerow. I know I probably should have brought them home and washed
them first, but if you can't eat slightly grubby blackberries when
you're six, when can you!
We took Charlie's bike with us and he had a great time cycling to the
postbox to post a card to his heart friend, Ben, who is in Birmingham
having a pacemaker fitted.
Charlie met Ben for the first time when he was almost three, and Ben
was about nine.
Ben has HLHS, like Charlie, and they met at a photoshoot for Little
Hearts Matter.
I remember listening to them chatting - it was the first time I had
ever heard Charlie sharing experiences of HLHS with another child.
It really made me smile to hear Chas asking 'So, do you get puffed
when it's windy?' and hearing Ben reply 'Yes, and when it's cold too!'
Charlie was so taken with 'Big Ben' and he always loves catching up
with him at LHM events. I think Chas was secretly pleased to hear Ben
is joining him in the 'pacemaker club' and he made him a Dr Who card
to cheer him up while he's in hospital.
We had a fun afternoon - Charlie put Les Miserables on the hi-fi and
spent ages acting out the story with his Lego figures.
His favourite character is still Javert, and he's been singing along
with his favourite track - the one where Javert throws himself into
the Seine (cheery eh!) - while simultaneously chucking a Lego man off
a Lego bridge! Needless to say, we've also had some deep and
meaningful discussions about why Javert felt it necessary to jump off
a bridge, and he's been referring back to what he learned about Van
Gogh from Dr Who a few weeks ago.
But I really had to fight not to laugh out loud when he said: 'I think
I've figured out why Javert jumped off the bridge, Mum... because if
Valjean had forgiven Javert for chasing him all those years, and if
Javert had forgiven Valjean for stealing the bread in the first
place... well, it wouldn't have been a very exciting ending for the
story, would it?!'
If he's this savvy at six, I dread to think what he'll be like at 16!
Pete's working in London (again!) in a few weeks, so Chas and I are
tagging along, and going to watch Les Mis in the West End. He is SO
excited to see it live, and I'm so excited to share it with him. I've
loved Les Mis since I wasn't much older than Charlie is now, and it
makes me feel stupidly emotional to think of sitting next to him at
the theatre, (probably listening to his running commentary!) knowing
that he loves it too.
The gas fire man is coming tomorrow, so hopefully by this time
tomorrow we'll have a shiny, new, working gas fire! Watch this space!
I'm hoping for a cold snap now so we can try it out!
I'm off to bed now - the gas man is coming early tomorrow and I REALLY
don't want him to turn up while I'm still in my pyjamas! Goodnight all!

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