Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Charlie's had a lovely day today - we were up and out early(ish!) to
pick up Nanny, and we all headed off to Bath for a day wandering round
the shops.
Bath is such a beautiful city, and it wasn't too busy, in spite of it
being the height of the tourist season!
We went on the Park and Ride, and Charlie loved going on the double-
decker bus. (He's very into the I-Spy series of books at the moment,
so he had his 'road journey' book at hand to tick off a few of the
things he needed to spot!)
He really enjoyed spending the day with Nanny (I didn't get a look-
in!) and is already planning where we're going to go with her next!
I also managed to pick up his new school shoes without having to queue
for ages, which is nothing short of a miracle mid-August. He's up to a
size 12 now (it looked like he was wearing canoes when he tried them
on!) He's going to look so grown up when he goes back to school next
month. I feel a trip to WHSmith coming on... you can't go back to
school without a load of posh new pens and pencils!
We've got such a busy week ahead - we're off to the seaside tomorrow,
to visit Charlie's Aunty Fifi and his cousins. The old-fashioned steam
fair is back on the seashore, and Chas is itching to have another go
on a helter-skelter, now he's got enough puff to get up the steps!
Then on Thursday we're off to the chocolate factory in Birmingham
(again!) - this time with Charlie's heart friend, Thomas. Chas can't
wait to catch up with Thomas (and I'm looking forward to a good natter
with his mum, Lindsey!)... and the promise of lots of free chocolate
always goes down well!
Then soon after we're off for our final holiday hurrah in London...
lots of fun stuff planned, so you'll have to watch this space for
I think that's about it for now - goodnight all!

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