Monday, August 02, 2010

August 2, 2010

Now that's my idea of fun on a summer afternoon - sprawled out on the
sofa, good book in hand!
Both Pete and I are big readers, so it's great to see Charlie reading
for pleasure.
If you're wondering - he's reading the first Harry Potter book. We've
read it to him before, and now he's reading it to himself.
He's doing brilliantly - and other than the odd 'Mum, what does P-E-C-
U-L-I-A-R-L-Y spell?' - we're having a lovely peaceful afternoon!
He had a great time at holiday club this morning with his friends and
can't wait to go back tomorrow.
The man is coming to fit our new shower in the morning - I can't wait.
I'm already heartily sick of having to have baths instead, and having
to wash my hair over the sink - it just takes SOOOO much longer.
Anyway - I'm off to grab my book - no point in wasting the opportunity!

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