Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Well. The electrician arrived first thing this morning to fit the new
Unfortunately the plumber and the new shower did not.
The electrician took a quick look at the wires while he was here, and
it turns out whoever fitted the old shower was a bit of a cowboy and
used the wrong wire.
Consequently, the shower we had chosen was too powerful for the wire,
so we had a choice - either rip up the floorboards to put in a thicker
wire, or choose a slightly less powerful shower.
No contest.
At this point, I don't care if the shower is just a trickle - I JUST
So, the electrician departed to pick up the plumber and our newly-
swapped shower.
An hour or so later they were back, and all was looking good, until...
'Er - there's another problem... the water inflow on your old shower
went in to the left side, but this new one goes into the right. I
can't get the shower far enough across to make the pipe fit because
the wall is in the way.'
Yet another choice - either we get him to take the tiles off the wall,
dig a hole in the plasterboard, move the pipe, then re-plasterboard
and re-tile... or they go away, source a shower with the water entry
on the other side and come back later in the week.
So - we are without a shower for at least a couple more days.
Another gas fitter is coming to survey our fireplace tomorrow to make
sure the new fire we've chosen will fit.
What's the betting? Too big? Too small? Pipes in the wrong place?
I just keep telling myself how lovely and toasty everything will be
this winter - that's assuming it ever gets finished!
Pete's away virtually all week this week - he's in Halifax, Gloucester
and London so far. He's just recruited two new staff who are based in
Belfast though, so I'm guessing he'll be Ireland-bound before too long!
Proper post on Charlie-Barley's antics will be forthcoming soon -
domestic disasters really give me blogger's block!

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