Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

Hi folks - just realised I haven't blogged for a few days, so thought
I'd write a quick update.
Charlie and I have had a quiet couple of days since we got back from
London - we went into Cardiff on Wednesday to pick up some new school
shirts for next term, as most of his old ones are pretty wrecked with
paint or biro marks!
Pete was in Belfast all day yesterday, so Charlie and I had a fun day
at home. Between housework and ironing, we played lots of games, read
stories, built Lego and drew pictures. Charlie also spent a happy few
hours singing along to Les Miserables, and working out which singer's
version of Javert he prefers! For the record - his favourite, by
miles, is Philip Quast! (Great taste - he's my favourite too!)
Charlie can bellow out a pretty fantastic impersonation of Quast's
version of Javert's Soliloquy... intonation, tempo and action
perfect!! (I keep trying to sneak some video of Charlie in action, but
he keeps spotting me!)
The rain finally stopped today, so Charlie and I headed over to see
We went to the garden centre for lunch, and then we visited a little
gem of a place, barely 15 minutes from Nanny's house - fascinating
underground gardens and grottoes (once totally buried but recently re-
discovered), all in the beautiful grounds of a lovely old house. It
was so beautiful and there were lots of lovely ponds, water features
and gardens above ground too. There were loads of exciting stepping-
stones and there weren't any 'no-go' areas... tearing around on the
grass was positively encouraged - much to Charlie's delight!
I'm attaching a pic of Chas and Nanny peeking out of one of the
It's Bank Holiday this weekend so Pete has Monday off work... we've
got a few things planned, but we'll have to see how temperamental the
weather's being!
Anyway, I'm off to iron name labels into Charlie's new shirts, then
I'm going to bed. Goodnight all!


Anonymous said...

Glad you got there, it's really lovely isn't it? catch up soon, see you nxt wk kel xxxx

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the superb work!