Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010

We had a bit of sad news this morning - my Aunty Dot, who has been ill
for a very long time, died yesterday evening. She was my dad's younger
sister, and was 13 or 14 years younger than him.
Dad was the eldest of nine children, so I really feel for his brothers
and sisters - losing two siblings in less than a year is hard to
We're thinking of Aunty Dot's husband, her children and grandchildren
so much at the moment, and sending lots of love their way. x

I still can't believe Charlie goes back to school on Friday - the
summer holidays have disappeared so very quickly. I'll miss my boy so
much when term starts. Admittedly, the house will probably stay tidier
for longer once he's back at school, and I'll be able to get through a
load of ironing without having to stop to play games/find a missing
Lego piece/read stories/watch & applaud renditions of Les Mis/have a
light sabre or wand battle... but I hate having to hand over my
precious boy for six long hours every day.
Around this time every year I start thinking that maybe homeschooling
would be a fabulous idea. :-)
In fact I'm already working out how long it is until October half-term!
We've had a lazy day at home today. We've been playing Boggle Slam -
it's a card game a bit like Scrabble that my friend Tracy gave Charlie
when he was in hospital, and it has become a firm favourite! Pete and
Chas also played a VERY long game of Monopoly.
I'm all for encouraging kids to play games properly so they learn to
lose graciously, but after almost two hours of Monopoly stalemate I'm
very much in favour of a bit of judicious parental cheating to bring a
game to a long overdue end... but Pete was winning and wasn't about to
throw in the towel! He may seem laid back, but bring on a game of any
kind... board, card or electronic... and from beneath my husband's
relaxed exterior emerges a fiercely competitive man!
It's Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow - not sure what the weather's
supposed to be doing, so we'll decide what we're doing in the morning!
Charlie and I are planning on going to the cinema on Tuesday - he
doesn't mind what we watch 'so long as it's not in 3D because the
glasses hurt my nose!'
Oh, one other thing - we measured Charlie up against the kitchen wall
this evening (like virtually every other family in the world, we have
little lines and dates written by the kitchen door - marking Charlie's
height as he grows!) and he's grown almost two inches since he came
out of hospital in April. He's a shade under four feet now - it won't
be long before he overtakes me!
I think that's about it for now - back soon!

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