Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 4, 2010

Hi again - we've had another nice day today, but this holiday is
flying by far to fast for my liking.
Charlie had another fab morning at holiday club - he won two tokens
today (he's saving them up because he gets to exchange them for prizes
on Sunday!)
We brought his friends Sam and Ben home with us for a couple of hours
because their mum had to work. Much industrious Lego building went on,
and Charlie really enjoyed showing them all his toys.
The gas fire man came this afternoon. (Are you bored of hearing about
my heating & hot water calamities yet? I'm totally fed up of it all,
so it must be deathly boring for you lot!)
Anyway, the fire we've picked is fine, so they'll ring us soon with a
fitting date. Can't wait to get everything sorted at last.
Oh, one other thing - my friend Caroline (Sam and Ben's mum) is running a half-marathon,
along with another local mum, to raise money for Little Hearts Matter. They are hoping to raise £1,000, so if you'd like to sponsor them a pound or two, feel free to click on this link to their fundraising page.
That's all for now folks!

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