Monday, August 23, 2010

Fortnum and Mason

Our apartment is two minutes away from an extremely posh shop -
Fortnum and Mason.
(Just as a minor claim to fame - many moons ago, my mum worked for a
little company supplying luxury food items to Fortnum's - and I worked
there during the holidays in my teens. It was a cottage industry, with
about half a dozen of us hand-producing mustards, fudges, flavoured
oils and the like. I spent hours popping air bubbles in the bottoms of
mustard jars and tying bows and tags on various jars and bottles! I
remember how pleased the owner was to get the contract - and now I
know why - Fortnum & Mason is as swanky as Harrods!)
Charlie was amazed at how sparkly everything was - he's never bought
sweeties from a shop with chandeliers before!
We're thinking we might treat ourselves to a posh breakfast there in
the morning. (Charlie's wondering if it might be frowned upon to order
Coco Pops!)

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