Monday, August 23, 2010

London fun!

Charlie and I had another brilliant day today - despite the rather
patchy weather.
We headed off to Madame Tussaud's this morning, the famous waxwork
Charlie enjoyed seeing some film and sports stars he recognised,
although there were quite a few he didn't know. There was a special
Marvel Heroes 4D show too, which he loved - as well as posing
alongside Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine and Spiderman!
Afterwards, we headed back to the park, but the skies opened and it
began to rain hard.
Charlie has been asking to visit Churchill's War Rooms ever since he
saw something about them on Dr Who, so we thought we'd capitalise on
the rainy weather and head underground!
It was so interesting to see the subterranean chambers from which
Churchill oversaw the war effort. Charlie was riveted all the way
round, listening intently to his audio tour headphones. I was really
surprised just how excited by the whole place he was - he's always
been quite keen on history, but Churchill and the Second World War
really seem to have caught his attention. (I guess there's more to be
gained from Dr Who than you might expect!)
Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but wherever we end up, I'm
sure we'll be having fun!

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