Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a superstar!

Charlie and I headed off to the hospital this morning for his double
INR test.
Unfortunately, the person we should have seen had been double-booked,
so we ended up waiting for an hour and a half.
Charlie didn't mind though because we were waiting in the ward
playroom so there was lots for him to do!
He was as good as gold when we did his two finger-pricks - didn't make
a peep!
The nurse and the playroom lady were so pleased with him that they
gave him a brilliant set of Cars colouring pencils!
His INR was back up at 2 (it had dropped to 1.7 last time) which is
good, so we don't need to test him again for another fortnight.
Mind you, I think he quite likes the idea of having two fingerpricks
every time if it means he gets new crayons AND some Lego!

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