Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

Hi folks.
Well, there's a definite nip in the air now - but I can still hardly
believe we're into October tomorrow.
So. What have we been up to? We've just been plodding along really.
Charlie's had a horrible cold (which he kindly passed onto me) but is
still his normal cheery self.
School is going well - he was able to go out of uniform today because
it's Jeans for Genes day, which pleased him no end!
He's getting on well with his lessons and we're in the middle of
learning his times tables at home. For some reason they don't seem to
teach them at school anymore, but I wanted him to learn them the same
way I did, because I still use them a lot even now.
Charlie has the day off school tomorrow because the Ryder Cup is
starting a few miles down the road and the council have closed all the
schools to ease traffic on the roads. Needless to say, Chas and I are
steering well clear of the golf, and heading out in the opposite
direction to find some fun... well, we have to make the most of a free
day off school!
We've had a minor crisis here the past few days... you remember our
central heating calamity back in July? Well - we went to put the
heating on for the first time a couple of days ago and... there was no
heat going to the radiators.
The gas man came and twiddled a valve that was closed (but should have
been open) and soon the radiators were toasty. So he left.
But after he'd gone, could we get the heating to turn off? I'll give
you three guesses. And to top the lot, the hot water was now barely
So the same engineer came back today and twiddled a few different
valves. So far, it's looking promising, but it doesn't inspire much
confidence in our new, all-singing, all-dancing boiler.
At least we've got it sorted now - I hope.
Now we're almost into October, we've got a really busy time ahead,
with loads of exciting stuff happening... I don't think we've got a
free weekend until New Year!
The fun starts on Saturday when Charlie's off to Nanny's for the
weekend, while Pete and I head off to the big Les Mis concert in
London. Chas is SO excited to be staying with Nanny again and they
have lots of fun things planned... including conker hunting, a ride on
the bus and lunch at the fab fish & chip shop in Nanny's town.
Pete and I are rather bewildered at the prospect of a weekend
together... it's the first time we've ever left Charlie with Mum
because we're actually going somewhere - rather than simply because
he's been desperate to stay with her! It's going to be a bit strange
being away without our Charlie-Boy, but we're looking forward to a bit
of time together.
I'm making an October resolution to blog a bit more frequently - I
just haven't had much inspiration lately, but I don't want big holes
in the blog because I want to be able to look back on it as time goes
by, to remember these happy, golden days.
Back soon.

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