Friday, October 01, 2010

October 1, 2010

Charlie and I have decided that the Ryder Cup can come as often as it
likes... we like having the day off! (Although I have to admit I'm
chuckling a bit at all the rich and famous golfers just a few miles
down the road who are twiddling their thumbs because the course is
waterlogged. I could have told them that... Wales + October = rain and
Charlie and I have come up to the garden centre (again!) for a wander.
He's just had some lunch and is now burning off some energy in the new
play area, while I drink coffee and watch him play. (The attached,
slightly blurry pic is of Chas sitting on a really strong air-blower
in the play area. How about that for a hair-do?!)
Later we're going to have a nose around the newly-displayed Christmas
stuff. Yes, I know it's only just October, but we like Christmas!
Charlie and I were working out yesterday how long it will be before we
can justifiably dig out the Christmas carol CD again!
Then once we're done here we're going to head home, do his homework
and then do the most important job of the day... packing to go to
Nanny's house! He loves packing - he wanted to start when he got in
from school yesterday.
He's yet to get the hang of packing the important stuff though - he's
always got plenty of toys, books and games, but is always sadly
lacking in pyjamas, underwear and medicine!
Happy Friday, everybody!

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