Monday, October 04, 2010

...And back to earth with a bump.

Well, after our fantabulous afternoon yesterday, things went steadily
It took us two and a half hours to drive 27 miles across London (a
combination of the Chelsea/Arsenal match finishing AND a number of
traffic accidents) and then, when we finally got onto the motorway,
that was chockablock too.
So, our plans to pick up Charlie at about 7.45ish and be home in time
for bed went out of the window.
When the satnav started telling us that we weren't going to get to
Mum's until after 10pm, we figured we'd better leave Charlie with her
for another night and I'd pick him up early this morning to get him
back in time for school.
Needless to say, Chas was highly delighted to have another, unexpected
night with Nanny.
Pete and I were a bit sad though - we've never been away from Charlie
for that long, and I, for one, was missing him like mad.
So I was up VERY early this morning (and believe me when I say I do
NOT do early mornings) and on the road to Mum's house... along with
all the gazillions of people who were going back to the Ryder Cup for
the extra day. If I could pick a day to be on the road before seven
o'clock, this would not have been it.
But to cut a long story short, Charlie made it to school in time
(although he did say he'd rather have the day off today,
What a busy morning... and it's still only 9am!

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