Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October 5, 2010

Well, it's Book Week at school, and the theme this year is 'Colours'.
I'm liking this very much, because it means I just have to send
Charlie to school in a multi-coloured outfit for dressing-up day on
Thursday, rather than try to concoct some sort of costume. (And you
all know how much I love making fancy dress costumes...)
It's the Book Fair this afternoon, which means I have to pick Charlie
up a bit early and go and buy an obscenely overpriced book from the
school hall. Well, I suppose it's all in aid of school funds, or
Talking of raising funds, it's the Harvest Festival on Friday. Parents
don't go to the service because the hall isn't big enough, but we all
have to send 'produce' in with the kids in the morning... and then go
and buy it back at the end of the day. All good fun, I suppose!
Pete's in London for most of this week, so it's just Charlie and me
muddling along together.
He's doing well at the moment - still full of energy, and starting to
get a bit excited about his birthday. Can't believe he's seven a month
Anyway - I'd better go and make the most of a quiet house and get the
dishwasher loaded, washing on and this hoovering done. The
conservatory really needs a good sort-out too, but I keep putting it
off. Oh well, no time like the present!
Back soon.

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jazzystar said...

Glad to see you are blogging regularly of late, I do like to read what fun things you've all been up to (even if we do speak or txt most days) !! xx