Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010

Hi folks.
Charlie is in definite pre-birthday mode now - working out how many
days until he takes his party invitations into school! We bought all
the icing to make his birthday cake at the weekend, so I'll be making
daleks out of fondant before too long. It's quite scary to work out
how much it costs me to make his birthday cake every year, what with
the cake ingredients and all the stuff to decorate it. It would be SO
much cheaper to buy one from Sainsbury's but I rather like my annual
foray into cake-making, and Charlie is always so excited to watch it
take shape. (It makes me feel like one of those organised, home-bakey
type yummy mummies for once!)
Pete's been away again this week - he's so busy at work, even more
than normal because his boss is leaving, with no replacement appointed
yet, so Pete and his colleagues are having to pick up the slack for a
Charlie and I miss him when he's away... although it is admittedly
easier to get Chas to buckle down and do his homework when he's not
engrossed in trying to beat his dad at Lego Batman on the Wii!
Talking of homework - Charlie's teacher (who broke her ankle) is now
back at school and the level of homework is already ramping up - which
suits Chas, as he seems to really enjoy having work to do. I think
he's inherited my swotty genes. He had to do a book review last time,
now he has to design a book club badge and bookmark. He's just been
given his first spellings book, so he has a set of new words to learn
every week. (He's a bit of a perfectionist though, and nags me to keep
testing him until he gets 100%) He's doing well with his reading and
is loving that he can read well enough to read 'proper' books to
himself. He's storming through Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton and is
enjoying the Dirty Bertie, Horrid Henry and Arabel's Raven series too.
It gives me such a buzz to see him reading for pleasure. I love books
- I don't quite know what I'd do if I had a kid who didn't like reading.
I know I sound like one of those nightmareish proud parents, but I AM
so proud of all that Charlie has achieved after everything he has been
through and continues to deal with on a daily basis.
I am doing SO well with our Christmas shopping... in fact I've almost
finished! Just a few bits and bobs to order online and then we're
done. I know it's maddeningly early, but Christmas shopping is one of
the few things I am organised about. It was very stressful last year -
obviously with Dad being so poorly, all the shopping went by the by,
so Pete and I ended up doing all of it on the 20-something of December
and it stressed me out SO much.
So this year I am being hyper-organised... I might even get the
Christmas cards done in time for the second-class posting date! (But
don't get your hopes up on that one.)
I can't remember if I said before, but we're off to a wedding
reception at the weekend, which is being held underground in a cave!
Charlie's really excited about it (and that he'll be having a pretty
late night too) - it should be good fun, albeit not an occasion to
break out the Jimmy Choos. Am thinking hiking boots might be more in
Anyway, that's all for now... the ironing is calling me.

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