Friday, October 15, 2010

'Heart Mums'

I was just flicking through one of the (many) Christmas catalogues
that have been coming through our letterbox.
And as I was flipping through the pages of useless festive novelties,
this little brooch leaped out at me.
Now, I'm not a brooch wearer by any stretch of the imagination, but
this particular pin really grabbed me.
It instantly made me think of all my fellow heart mums, and the bond
we share.
I don't really like the term 'heart mums' - it always seems a bit
mawkish - but you all know who I mean.
Other mums (and dads) who have been where we are.
Who have walked in our shoes.
Who understand (and don't think you are off your rocker) when you
confess to all those secret, scary thoughts... how much you hate
seeing your child in a 'special' buggy, how all-encompassing the
terror is pre-op, how you can't help but plan (in the deepest recesses
of your mind) for the worst case scenario.
Who celebrate your triumphs as if they were their own, and feel your
fears and despair for your child as keenly as they would for their own
little one.

Some have endured the ultimate loss.
Others are walking the walk alongside you, sharing tips, tricks, fears
and hopes.
Still others, many years ahead of you on the journey, whose
experiences stand out like a beacon of hope when you feel like you are
treading water in a fog.
The bond between us 'heart mums' is so strong - it reaches across
generations, oceans and cultures. Even though there are often many
miles between us, that connection is still there.
We know. And we understand.

So, to all of my heart friends, from the bottom of MY heart - thank you.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

Awww! I love it! I'm not a brooch wearer either but I may be able to be persuaded for this one. :) I am SO thankful for other heart families like yours. Being able to support each other and really know what we are going through is a bond like no other. :)