Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

Hi folks.
Pete's been in Peterborough today on some sort of corporate jolly
which involved the entire sales team being trained to perform a song
by a famous choirmaster. Not his cup of tea at all, but at least he
got free food!
Charlie's been at school - getting progressively more excited every
time he hears that someone else can come to his birthday party. He's
looking forward to breaking up for half term tomorrow - not that it's
going to be particularly relaxing... I think we have something on
every day... but it should be fun! (Just wait until he finds out about
the surprise he's getting at the end of the week! :-) Tee Hee!)
I've had a nice day today too - I spent a happy few hours nattering
over coffee with my friend Teresa. What more can a girl ask for than
coffee and a chance to put the world to rights!

Today is a strange day - I can't help but think ahead to tomorrow when
it will be a whole year since we said goodbye to my dad.
It's strange, because in many ways the actual anniversary of the day
he went home to Heaven doesn't really feel much different from every
other day this past year.
Each day has just been another day without my beloved Dad in it.
I have felt his absence so keenly on so many other days - Christmas,
birthdays, Father's Day, when Charlie had his surgery. Even stupid
little ordinary days when something breaks around the house and my
instinctive reaction is to grab the phone and ask Dad how to fix it.
I hope tomorrow will be a day when our precious memories of him will
make us smile.
We'd really appreciate your thoughts and prayers - especially for my
mum -on what will, undoubtedly, be a very strange and difficult day.

That's all for now folks. Take care.

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The Cryer Family said...

Thinking of you for tomorrow...
Shame you couldn't come with Pete and pop in!!