Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

Hi folks.
We've had another busy week. Pete's been away again - London and
Peterborough this time, and Charlie has been working hard at school -
he's been practising his spellings, doing his homework and reading
everything he can get his hands on!
We had a lovely time at the wedding reception we went to in the caves
last weekend - Charlie took to the dancefloor (or should I say
'cavefloor') the minute we arrived, and didn't stop dancing until we
left! He didn't mind whether he was the only one dancing or not - he
just loved running around and having a good boogie! I tried to take
some pictures (some of his 'moves' were priceless!) but it was too dark.
It was the half-term disco at school tonight - he's never really
enjoyed discos before - he's not particularly interested in pop music
and dancing has always left him puffed out. But he was quite keen to
go this time so he could join in the fun and games with his friends.
Discos really aren't my 'thing' either, but I love that he can keep up
so much better with his friends now.
It's starting to feel pretty nippy here now - a real chill in the air.
Charlie's quite pleased though, because he gets a free woolly hat with
his Dr Who comic next week and he can't wait until it's cold enough to
wear it!
That's all for now - back soon!

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