Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So far, so good...

Well - Charlie slept all night and hasn't been or felt sick since late yesterday afternoon.
He was good as gold when I did his finger prick this morning (which makes me a very happy mum!) and his INR is back down to 2.5, so hopefully it was just a 24-hour bug.
He certainly seems better in himself and his cheeks have some colour in them again.
He's happily munching his breakfast at the moment, so fingers crossed his cereal won't make a reappearance later on!


Jennifer said...

the bug I had .. the vomiting part lasted 17 hours. The "Oh I'm so weak part" lasted much longer, but Charlie is so resillant .. I'm sure he's back to his normal self already.

Jenny said...

Great news! So happy to hear Charlie is feeling better. :) :)