Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Phew. New washing machine is ordered and will be here at the weekend, and they'll take the old one away at the same time, which is a relief because our garage is already full of old, broken things. :-)
I did a couple of loads of washing at Mum's yesterday, so we're good to go until the new one arrives.
The weather forecast is pretty foul for the next few days - cold/snowy/icy around the country, but not too sure how much of it will end up here.
Hopefully enough to make everything look Christmassy, but not enough to scupper all our festive plans. (Charlie is going to be SERIOUSLY peeved if anything stops his long-awaited pantomime trip with his friend Fiona next week, not to mention his trip to see Santa with his pal Seren and her little sister on Saturday.
Last day of school tomorrow - so my last chance to get anything done without Chas poking his nose in! All the shopping is done (apart from the food stuff) but very little is wrapped and the house needs a good clean from top to bottom. I also need to shift all the junk that has re-materialised in the spare room - or 'Nanny's Room' as Charlie calls it! - or Mum will have to mountaineer her way over the box off the Christmas decorations, various assorted wrapped/unwrapped Christmas presents, a pile of wrapping paper, ribbons and tags AND the broken chair from Pete's office (which he has yet to bring downstairs and add to the pile of old/broken stuff in the garage...) before she can go to bed on Christmas Eve.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

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