Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010

Charlie's feeling very festive - his friend Seren came to play this morning with her little sister, Jasmine, so they've all been running around like mad things and getting into the Christmas spirit!
Here's a pic of Chas, having fun on 'Christmas Eve Eve!' He's watching Muppets' Christmas Carol (yes, again!), drawing pictures of the ghosts from said film, munching pretzels (yes, again!) and wearing his reindeer backpack! (And have you seen the pile of presents underneath the tree?!)
I, however, am sitting on the floor in the kitchen, gazing adoringly at my shiny new washing machine. It finally arrived today - but not before I rang to check where it was, only to be told that someone had inadvertently cancelled our delivery. (Bear in mind they didn't deliver it on Sunday, when it was supposed to be coming, then bumped us to Christmas Eve and then to the 27th without telling us... I rang and told them that the 27th was NOT acceptable and rearranged for today instead...)
So, when I was told that today's delivery had been cancelled and we were now looking at the 29th, I was not a happy bunny.
Fortunately, the man who answered my somewhat hysterical call was a superstar and rang the distributors and told them I needed my washing machine NOW.
And less than an hour later, here it is, bright and shiny in my kitchen.
I know people moan about call-centre staff, but my guy was brilliant! (And I spoke to his boss and told him so! We're always so quick to complain - I think it's good to take the time to acknowledge if someone does a good job too.)
Anyway - I'm off to put the next load in and start the ironing!

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