Monday, December 20, 2010


Just a quick update on all things medical...
INR was fine this morning, so Charlie doesn't need his next test until January 4, which he is VERY pleased about!
His pacing check went brilliantly at the hospital - he's put on about 2kg since we were there six months ago, and his pacemaker is working perfectly - yippee!
The doctor was very pleased with all the readings (I haven't a clue what they all meant, but if he's happy, I'm happy!)
Charlie's heartrate is still wonderfully normal, so I'm feeling much better about that now! AND there's still at least 9.5-10 years battery life left before he'll need his pacemaker replacing. His next pacing clinic will be in six months.
So all in all, a very good morning!
Bring on Christmas!!

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Jenny said...

Yea Charlie! Wonderful news! What a way to begin the holiday season! Happy Holidays to you and your family!! :)

Ann Fisher said...

Fanntastic! You can chill out (literally given the snow!) and have great Christmas now. XXXX