Monday, December 20, 2010

Hospital tomorrow...

I have to do Charlie's INR test tomorrow morning - I'm really hoping his warfarin levels are stable so he won't need to be tested again until after Christmas.
We're also at our local hospital at 9.15am for Charlie's pacemaker check - although it could be a challenge getting there on time, with the combination of rush-hour traffic and snow.
I'm worried about the pacing check - the panic last time about his heart rate really frightened me, and I just want everything to be ok this time. Even though Charlie's heart rate turned out to be absolutely fine in the end, I've become a bit paranoid about it (you can still often find me with my iPhone in one hand on a stopwatch setting, and my other hand on Charlie's chest, counting his heartbeats.)
I'll let you know how we get on at the hospital - once the appointment is out of the way, I'll feel like we can really start looking forward to Christmas!

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