Thursday, January 06, 2011

January 6, 2011

Hi folks.
Well, after our rather manic start to the day, Charlie had a great first day back at school, and came out at the end of the day with a new reading book AND the fleecy neck warmer he lost at the end of last term!! I was pretty fed up he'd lost it because it was from a proper skiiing/outdoorsy-type shop and kept his neck lovely and warm - he really noticed the difference when we had to make do with an ordinary scarf over the holidays. (By the way, if any other heart mums - or any mums for that matter - are looking for brilliant clothes to keep their kids warm, try Muddy Puddles - they're not cheap, but they're brill!)
Talking of cold weather - we've been forecast more snow overnight, so Charlie's hoping there will be lots of it so he can have a snow day! (Because obviously the Christmas holiday wasn't long enough!)
I forgot to mention - Charlie was on the radio on Tuesday! We were building Lego at home listening to the radio and the presenter asked people to ring in with requests, so Chas decided he'd like to hear some music from the Harry Potter films (what else!?) so I dialled the number for him and he got straight through and had a long chat with one of the researchers about his new Harry Potter Lego car, and how he'd like to hear a track from the film - and they recorded it as he was talking and played it on air!
(I think can hear it on the Classic FM website if you open the Jamie Crick show from January 4 - Charlie's piece is about 1 hour 37 minutes into the show, but it's a bit of a fiddle to find. I'll try to record it and upload it if I can!)

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