Friday, January 07, 2011

January 7, 2011

What a disappointment! No snow at all - just a very dark, dreary and damp day. Charlie and I were all geared up for a snow day at home!
Not much going on round here - just post-Christmas plodding. Washing to do, carpets to hoover etc etc.
I think we're going to book our summer holiday this weekend though - Chas can't wait to start sunning himself on one of the Greek Islands (probably Crete - if we can get a good deal) All he wants for his holiday is hot sun, a beach and a hotel with a pool!
I've managed to sort out holiday insurance already - this is one of the perils of a child like Charlie - holiday insurance is not simple. Some companies won't insure him at all - or they'll cover either his HLHS or his pacemaker but not both. We've always managed to get cover from Tesco before, but they've recently changed their underwriters, so they won't cover him now.
Anyway, after a lot of phonecalls, I finally got insurance for him and us for about £67 (from Insure and Go, if any of you heart mums are interested!), which isn't too bad really, as some places were asking for more than £300 for a week.
So we just need to book the holiday now!

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