Sunday, January 16, 2011

Passport photo!!

Charlie's passport runs out in a couple of months, so it needs to be renewed before we go to Crete.
So we stopped off at the photo booth at the supermarket to get an up-to-date picture.
Chas was very excited at the prospect, because he loves playing in the booth while he's waiting for me to pay for the shopping, but he's never had his picture taken in one before.
After much twiddling of the stool, and rolling his coat into a cushion to make him high enough to reach the screen, we finally came up with this...
Doesn't he look grown up! And it's a bit like a mug-shot because you aren't allowed to smile, but we didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt!
I can hardly imagine how big he'll be when it needs renewing again in five years!

(Now I just need to bite the bullet and fork out the £50 fee for a new passport. Sigh. At least Pete's and mine don't need renewing for a few years, or it would end up costing more than the holiday!)

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