Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

Hi folks.
Well, what a slack blogger I've been. Life has been pretty busy but boring of late, and I haven't felt very inspired to blog a lot!
Charlie is on top form though - he's getting very keen on art and drawing, so I often find him sprawled over the dining table with crayons and watercolours in hand. He's also really into Angry Birds (the game on his iPod) and spent a happy hour the other day crayoning pictures of all birds and pigs on the game!
As I write, he's glued to 'The Crystal Maze' on TV. Does anyone remember that show - back in the eighties with Richard O'Brien? There's a new Freeview channel just appeared which is showing reruns every night between 6-7pm. I used to LOVE that programme when I was a kid, and Chas is a fan now too. It's all the eighties hairstyles and glasses that really make me laugh!
We have a busy weekend ahead - off to the VW garage in the morning because the lease on my car runs out soon, so I need to order a new one. Charlie is trying to persuade me to get an orange car (his current favourite colour) but I'm thinking I'll probably go for boring old blue again!
Then tomorrow afternoon Chas has a double birthday party - two of his best friends are having a joint party at a local activity centre, so he's really looking forward to it.
We're also planning to hit the cinema sometime over the weekend to watch the new Yogi Bear film. I'm itching to watch 'The King's Speech' - what better way to spend a couple of hours than looking at the rather lovely Colin Firth - but its not really suitable for Charlie, and I don't think Pete and I will have chance to see it before it finishes at the cinema, so I think it'll be one to watch on DVD when it comes out.
So Yogi Bear it is. The joys of parenthood!
Pete and I don't have any plans for Valentine's Day (what did you expect - we've been married eleven years!!) - so my highlight for February 14 is a visit from the Dyson engineer to service my vacuum cleaner. It still works, but needs a bit of TLC, so it'll be nice to give the carpet a really good clean once he's fixed it up!
Pete is still REALLY busy - both with his day job, and his work for Little Hearts Matter. There's a big announcement next week all about the Safe and Sustainable plan - the big reshuffle that is planned for cardiac treatment and surgery centres around the UK. LHM has been involved in discussions about the recommendations from the beginning, so Pete will be busy next week, once the recommendations are announced.
I think that's about it for now - just to add that I had a call from the photographic studios today and Charlie's new photos are ready to be collected. I can't wait to pick them up - one in particular is fabulous! Watch this space...

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