Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

Hi folks.
Charlie seems brighter today, and is eating reasonably well, although his throat is still sore.
He looks pale and tired, but is happily playing with his Lego. (One thing about him being ill and lying on the sofa all day watching TV - my house stays tidier. So you know he's on the mend when you find yourself treading on Lego bricks!)
Pete is here for a while today, so I'm going to leave Charlie with him and head to the shops - we're running out of food, and I need to pick up Charlie's prescription from the chemist.
I have to do Charlie's INR tomorrow morning - I'm intrigued to see what the reading will be now the antibiotics are well and truly in his system. I hope his INR isn't scarily high.
I think I'm going to ring the school tomorrow and see if they'll give me some reading books and worksheets for Chas to catch up on over half term, so he isn't behind after missing the last week. I hate him missing big chunks of school, but he really has been too unwell to go in this week.
We're hoping to visit his heart friend, Thomas, over half term, so hopefully the tonsillitis will be totally gone before then, because we really don't want to pass any nasty germs on!
I think that's all for now - I hear Asda calling!

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