Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

Charlie's INR had gone up this morning, but only to 3.3, which is good. It's still too high, but not astronomically so. We've reduced his warfarin dose for the next few days, and I'll test him again on Monday. It's quite good to know that bog-standard penicillin doesn't seem to affect his levels too badly. We're still finding our way through the warfarin maze... but I'm pretty pleased that this is the first time Chas has needed any antibiotics since his Fontan.
He's much more like himself today - still pale, but feeling much better. Hopefully another day or two and he'll be totally back to normal. I hate it when he's ill. :-(
Pete's in London again today - he's so busy with work at the moment, but he's got a couple of days off next week during half term, so we're hoping to maybe go away somewhere, Charlie's tonsils permitting!

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