Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

Charlie is tons better today - his throat is looking SO much better. Now we just need to finish his antibiotics so his INR can start levelling out again.
All being well, we're off to the cinema tomorrow - they're showing the new Narnia film, which Chas is keen to see, having watched the first two movies this week while he's been off school. Even better, the film is on as the Kids' Special so it only costs a couple of quid each (and I think Chas might even get free popcorn!)
We're also nipping into town to pick up the new Star Wars Lego game for the Wii which came out today. We preordered it with the credit we had from trading in our old games a couple of weeks ago, so it's going to be a lovely, cheap weekend!
Charlie's friend Fi came round after school today, and brought him an envelope from his teacher, with some reading books, spellings and homework - as well some chocolate pennies in a red envelope for Chinese New Year! We're going to be pretty busy over half term getting through it all!
I'm already wracking my brains because one of the projects is for
Charlie to write/make/draw/create something for St David's Day to illustrate what makes him proud of Wales.
We've lived in Wales for almost 12 years but neither Pete nor I are welsh, and Charlie was born in Birmingham! (To be honest, I think it actually pains Pete a bit to see Chas going off to school on St David's Day in a red Welsh rugby shirt rather than a white England shirt!!)
We really like living here, but I must admit, we don't really don't feel a part of the whole 'Cymru Am Byth' (Wales Forever) thing, like many of our neighbours here do.
Maybe he needs to write a poem about the University Hospital of Wales? That's one big Welsh thing that this household is VERY proud of and most definitely wouldn't want to be without!
Have a good weekend, folks.

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