Monday, February 14, 2011

Loooong night...

Well, Charlie fell asleep straight away last night, but was awake again by 10.30pm, very warm and in a lot of pain with his throat.
He'd had a dose of paracetamol at about 9.20pm, so there was nothing else I could give him, as he's not allowed to take ibuprofen.
I brought Chas into our bed and Pete decamped to the spare room.
Charlie finally managed to drop off to sleep at 1am - he wasn't being loud or talking, he was just very restless and moaning every time he swallowed or yawned. (I could hear him whispering to himself 'It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt' but I don't think his positive thinking was really doing the trick.)
He woke again at 2.30am, by which time he was allowed some more medicine, so after a dose of painkiller, he finally went to sleep, and didn't wake until 7.45am.
He is brighter this morning (unlike his mother, who is flagging already...) but is pale, and his throat is still very sore. I'll have to do his INR in a minute - wonder how high it will be!!
Lazy day all round, I think.

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