Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home again...

Yes, it is tonsillitis.
The doctor said his tonsils are full of pus, but his ears aren't infected.
His temperature was quite high before - up to 39.1, but other than complaining about his throat, he's been pretty ok really - none of the scarily fast breathing that often hits febrile heart kids.
We arrived at the out-of-hours clinic about 20 minutes early, and fortunately we were seen really quickly.
The doctor prescribed Charlie a ten-day course of penicillin, four times a day. Fortunately she was able to give him tablets which he can take easily, rather than capsules or vile-tasting liquid, which he struggles with.
He's tucked up in bed now, having taken his first antibiotic and dosed with Calpol, so I'm hoping he'll have a good sleep, which will do him more good than anything.
He'll need an INR test this morning, and I'm envisaging a few more over the coming days, because antibiotics always send his INR sky-high.
Hopefully he'll feel much better very soon.

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