Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2, 2011

Hi folks. Can you believe I'm blogging twice in as many days?! Are you impressed?
Actually, I'm feeling pretty guilty at not having updated the blog more often, because the blog hit counter was absolutely red hot yesterday - I couldn't believe how many visitors checked in to see what cheeky Charlie had been up to.
We've had a really nice day today - we headed into Cardiff first thing and I was able to exchange my iPhone for a new one - the wifi chip packed up on the old one a couple if months ago, so I was having to do everything via the 3G network, which is SOOOOO slow, as well as gobbling up the battery.
So being the sad gadget geek that I am, I'm very happy to have wifi again! Plus it means I'll be able to stay in touch with everybody while we're in Crete (without racking up enormous data roaming charges!)
Charlie had fun wandering round the Lego shop, and ogling the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley set that he's frantically saving up for.
We had a lovely lunch at Nando's - although Charlie scoffed most of the chicken all by himself, much to Pete's annoyance. You can't beat Nando's garlic peri-peri sauce!
Then to finish off the afternoon, we went to see Hop at the cinema. Charlie thoroughly enjoyed it - as expected, the jellybean-excreting Easter Bunny caused him much mirth and merriment. The joys of being seven, eh!
So, it's Mother's Day tomorrow. (Don't panic US readers - you haven't had a mental blip - it's Mother's Day here in the UK - you've got another month or so until it's your turn!)
Charlie is very excited at the prospect and is itching to hand over the parcels he brought home from school on Friday.
He's also been asking what I would like for breakfast in bed in the morning... I don't think he's told Pete about his breakfast plans though, so I'm guessing it'll be breakfast Charlie-style - cereal with no milk and a glass of water... and maybe a banana if I'm really lucky!
There's a special Mother's Day service in the morning at the church where Charlie goes to youth club, which he's keen to go to, so we'll probably head over there in the morning, then we're off to see my mum after lunch.
Charlie's looking forward to seeing Nanny - he's already planning a sleepover at her house during the Easter hols!
We need to make a start on his homework too - it doesn't need to be in for a week or so, but it's pages and pages of handwriting stuff, so we'd better get cracking! I also need to hear him read his school book. He prefers to read silently to himself, but I still like to hear him reading his school books out loud to make sure he's getting everything right and understanding everything he's reading. (Last week's story was all about tin miners in Cornwall, and it was full of very unusual Cornish words!)
The only problem is, now he's so good at reading, the books are so much longer, and 10 minutes before bed on a Sunday night just isn't cutting it any more!!
Only two more weeks until he breaks up for Easter though - I can't wait!
I love spending proper quality time with my boy... even if my house doesn't stay very tidy when he's here!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks - I'll update after Charlie's hospital appointment on Monday.

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