Friday, April 08, 2011

Nice morning :-)

I had a great time at school with Charlie today.
He was so pleased that I was there - he kept grinning and winking at me from across the room!
I had to sit at his table with him, and had to join in with his science lesson.
He and his classmates were adding hot water to various substances and seeing what happened, and whether the changes that occurred were reversible or irreversible.
I left at playtime, as Charlie was heading for the playground - snacks in hand, and sun shining on his blonde head.
It was so nice to see what he gets up to in class and to see him interacting with his friends.
After I left, I went to collect Charlie's prescription from the chemist - I needed to stock up on his warfarin and enalapril before we go on holiday, plus we had nearly run out of his INR test strips. I can't remember if I said before, but we had to get a special letter from the hospital to allow us to take Charlie's INR machine - and more specifically the sharps - on the plane with us, as we can't risk the kit going missing if the hold luggage goes astray.
I also need to take his pacemaker ID card with us, because he isn't allowed to go through the airport scanner, as it can affect his pacemaker.
It's all a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment, because although Chas has flown before, he didn't have a pacemaker then, and we didn't have to take sharps with us either. I'll make sure to post with any tips I pick up en route for any other heart mums who are interested!
Anyway, I hear the ironing pile calling - I'll try to get some pictures this weekend of Chas having fun in the sun!

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