Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sunny days.

Not a lot doing round here - just meandering from day to day, thoroughly enjoying a bit of sunshine at last.
Some days Charlie has hot school lunches, but others he takes sandwiches. Today was a sandwich day, and he was thrilled to bits because the kids got to have a picnic lunch outside because it was so warm. (I'm not sure how conducive to speedy lunch-eating this plan was, but it made him happy!)
I'm going into school with him in the morning for 'Bring Mum To School Day' and it's so sweet to see how excited he is at the prospect! Apparently they'll be singing some songs and I have to help him with his work. All good fun!
We're hoping to hit the cinema again this weekend - Chas wants to see Rio (primarily because he's downloaded the Rio version of Angry Birds onto Pete's ipad!) and I have enough loyalty points to get us all free tickets, so why not, eh! It also makes for a relaxing couple of hours for Pete and me!
We're also planning on moving the guinea pigs back outside to their summer residence. They've been living in a big indoor cage in the conservatory since November, and now the weather has warmed up they can go back outside. It's been quite nice having them inside actually - they've become much more sociable and we've been able to watch them play much more. But it will be nice to have a conservatory that isn't scattered with guinea pig food, and doesn't smell faintly of hay.
Chas breaks up for Easter next Friday, so the kids won't be at school when the Royal Wedding happens. So they're having a 'dress in red, white and blue day' next Friday as an early celebration. The money raised is going to the St David's Hospice Foundation. The nurse who used to visit Dad worked for them, so Chas is pretty pleased the money is going to the people who helped Grandpa.
This whole royal wedding thing is a blast from the past - I remember when Charles and Di married in 1981 - we had a massive cowboy and red indian jamboree at school. I remember my mum helped out with refreshments - safe to say, that was and will be the only time I'll ever see my mum in a checked cowboy shirt, holster, pistol and stetson!! Hmmmm... maybe I should hunt out the pictures!
That's all for now folks - I really need to take some photos of Charlie to show you - the blog has been a bit wordy of late!

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