Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Panic over...

Well, after our somewhat unexpected return to the hospital, we were much relieved to find out that Charlie's pacemaker is fine.
The ECG department fitted us in straight away when we arrived. (I actually felt a bit bad because the waiting room was full of people, but we jumped the queue. Oops.)
We saw the same doctor as on Monday, and he was quite amused to see us back already - having said we wouldn't see him again until Christmas!
He gave Charlie's pacemaker and wires a thorough check and confirmed that all was well.
He also confirmed that we wouldn't necessarily have seen any symptoms even if the wires had been broken.
It's a bit scary in one way, because if there's a problem with Charlie's heart, we are well aware of the symptoms we need to be looking out for. Equally if his warfarin dose is too high, we know what problems might occur - and are able to check at home if we're worried.
But with the pacemaker, there is no way for us to tell if there's a problem. No symptoms, no signs, no nothing.
This is the first time we've had a potential pacemaker issue since Chas had it fitted, so we're still feeling our way a bit about when we need to be worried and when we don't.
I'm so very grateful for our cardiac liaison nurse - she's based at the hospital and we've known her since before Charlie was born. She's our first port of call if we have any concerns, so I rang her this afternoon as soon as I found out what had happened.
She contacted the doctors, who in turn got in touch with the ECG department, who told us to come in straight away.
We couldn't ask for better care for our Charlie-Boy.
We spoke to the pacemaker doctor (I must find out what his proper title is!) and he said we definitely did the right thing in taking Charlie straight in - any time he gets a direct knock to the pacer we need to get him checked out.
Let's just hope that he doesn't get too many more of them - I don't think my blood pressure can take it!
I'm just so relieved all was well - I was already starting to plan what we'd need to pack if the wires were broken and we needed to go back to Birmingham to have them replaced!
I've told Chas that maybe he ought to start playing chess instead of football - far less chance of pacemaker damage!!
I'm attaching a pic of cheeky Charlie modelling his new pyjamas before he went to bed - don't you think he's looking tall and grown up?

An early night for me, I think - I'm in post-panic slump now!

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Jenny said...

WHEW! Great news! I've been watching for updates. :)