Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the hospital :-(

We just had to pick Charlie up from school because he took a knock to his pacemaker when he was playing football with his friends.
He felt a bit sick when it first happened and now his pacemaker site is aching.
We don't know if his pacemaker has been damaged or if the wires have broken.
His heart block is such that it wouldn't necessarily make him ill or cause an obvious problem straight away, even if the wires were broken, so we have to take him straight back to the ECG department so they can put him back on the machine and check what's going on.
I really, really hope his wires haven't been damaged - hopefully it's just sore because it was whacked, not because anything untoward is going on - it would be awful if his pacer needed replacing already.
Watch this space.

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Jenny said...

Oh no. :( I was just reading your last update with a smile that things were going so well with you all. What a bummer- I hope it's nothing major and everything will get back on track. Saying a prayer for Charlie!